We DO Disney

I have a bachelors of science in Media Art and Animation so anything to do with a computer is fun to me. I decided to make a gift for my best friend who is also a HUGE Disney fan. I decided to make a “We Do Disney” picture.


It was so much fun because you get to choose your favorite movies. It can be as long or small as you would like to fit the space you have. You can also choose a specific color theme. I decided to have the color theme of all the movies but I am going to do another one for the girls room and keep it to 2-3 colors. Make sure to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss exciting new updates!

Tip: I got a lot of the fonts off dafont.com. It has always been my go-to site if I want a new font to try. I had a free trial of Photoshop at the time I made this. If you are like me and would like a photo manipulation software but can’t afford the expensive programs I found one that is a VERY close second to Photoshop and it’s free! It’s called GIMP.