Rodgers Sign

IMG_4485I decided to make a sign for our foyer and I fell in love with this idea. It is about 2’x3′ and made of solid oak wood. I had a blast doing it.

First thing I had to do was trim the boards so they were all the same size. Then BEFORE you put them together stain them. If you wait to stain until after they are together it will be VERY hard to get in the cracks and  you might end up with a lighter color between the boards. I then made my own stencil out of paper with the font i liked the most. I always feel it has more of a dramatic affect when you use two different fonts.

After they are stained, together and you have your stencil made you can now paint (the final step! yay!) I started out using a paint brush and stopped real quick. lol That was going to take FOREVER. So I ran down to my nearest Walmart and for a paint pen by sharpie. It speed things up!

When you are finished take off your stencil and you’re done! 🙂 Hang on the wall and be proud of your work! I get LOTS of compliments whenever anyone walks into my home.


For those of you that LOVE this but don’t have time or just simply don’t feel you can make it send me a comment. I do sell them. I can make any size, shape, color, fonts and wording you would like.


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