Honey Mustard

I am a dipper as you all know. LOL My husband makes fun of me for it all the time. I was out of honey mustard one time so I thought ‘why not make my own’ it is healthier anyway.

ITS SUUUUUUPER easy…. wait for it….

Add honey and mustard together… HAHAHA

However much you make add half the amount of mustard to honey. So 2TBS of honey to 1TBS of mustard.

I did have a comment that adding mayo makes it creamer so I have tried that way as well and found if you double the amount you use for honey it comes out nice without over creaming it. For example 1TBS mustard, 2TBS honey, and 4TBS mayonnaise.


I am not a big mayo fan though so I stick with the honey and mustard mix. 🙂