Mom Circle


Dishes are piled high in my sink, but that means my children have food. There are laundry baskets overflowing, but that means my children are warm. My home is never quite, but that means you always have company. I never have an empty lap, but that means my children know they will always find love here.
I honestly LOVE being a mom! I always knew I would love my kids and do the best I could for them but I never knew how much I would love it. It is crazy yet it is beautiful. It is stressful yet rewarding. There is never a relaxing moment yet it is never dull. I never do anything for myself yet it is the best part of my life.
I am not going to sit here and say every single moment is perfect and that I don’t get frustrated. When my husband has to travel for work and I am left for weeks to handle two little ones on my own it definitely tests my patience.

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