Family Fun

Entertaining Kids

Entertaining children is my main job. As a mother of two I am constantly having  to come up with things to do to keep them entertained; not the easiest of jobs. haha. Below are some of the things we have done together. The best thing is you not only keep them entertained you also have a perfect opportunity to teach them new things while building a lasting bond. I hope you have fun with your family!

easter-eggs.jpgA fun twist on Easter egg fun for the kids. And the best part is you’ll have a picture forever. Bonus, they learn from new and hands on experiences and you build lasting memories. Kids are only kids once.

It does take some time but it’s SO fun! Make a hole at the top of the eggs and empty them out (make omelets or an egg bake for breakfast!) then fill the eggs with all different color paints. Prop the canvas up somewhere and have the kids throw the eggs at it. When the egg breaks paint will splatter on the canvas creating a fun and unique piece of art!

Want to personalize them more? Put tape on the canvas first. Spell their name, put the year, make shapes, say happy Easter.. the possibilities are endless. Above all else HAVE FUN!