I remember the first time I saw someone painting. It was at a Fair. I was nine and couldn’t sit still long enough for anything. In those 30 minutes, while I stood there captivated by the individual colors blended together to create a breathtaking work of art, the world stood still. I couldn’t talk about anything else until my parents put me in a painting class. Looking back at that painting I can find hundreds of things wrong with it. Although it may be the worst one I’ve done it is my favorite. Everyone has to start somewhere. Right?

I am a country wife, a mom of two beautiful girls, maid, do it yourselfer, cook, photographer, videographer, disciplinarian, painter, party planner, a blogger and any other job that comes along with being a mom. 😀 Somewhere in the mist of this crazy beautiful life I will find a spare moment to relax. But then again, I am a mom, will that moment ever happen? 😀