Photo Frame

Hello my beautiful friends! Here is another amazing project to do with you kids! I Love the way this turned out! I have it on my work desk right now and it makes me smile everytme I look at it! NEED: salt flour water rolling-pin mixing bowl glass cup/bowl (to place the flower on when … Continue reading Photo Frame

Heart Wreath

I know this could be used for more than just Mother's Day but it is an EASY project even dads can do with their kids. Sorry Dads, but lets face it, you're just not as crafty as mom's. LOL My husband always comments when I put up my three-year olds hair saying "It looked fine … Continue reading Heart Wreath

MOM Flower Bowl

Hello again my beautiful friends! Make a flower bowl for mom this Mother's Day for her to keep her jewelry and other keepsakes in! What mom wouldn't LOVE this! This was the first time I tried the salt, flour and water mixture. It is ok in my opinion. I prefer to work with Sculpty clay. … Continue reading MOM Flower Bowl

Plant Markers

Hello my beautiful friends! I wanted to share with you my plant markers! These makers are very easy to make and anyone that loves to plant (even if it's a fake indoor one) these would be a perfect addition to any garden/ plant! You can personalize them for a specific flower, to identify which plant … Continue reading Plant Markers

I Love You to Pieces

With Mother's Day right around the corner I wanted to  show you an easy way to make a cute card for Mom. What you will need: Construction paper Scissors Pen and pencil Glue What to do: Fold the construction paper in half and draw a heart shape on the front. Cut the heart shape … Continue reading I Love You to Pieces

I Love You Card

Just in time for Mothers day! Make her a beautiful one-of-a-kind hand print card that says "i love you." Any parent would LOVE and cherish a card with their child's hand print on it! It could be used for any occasion and it is SUPER easy to make. All you need is: Construction paper Scissors … Continue reading I Love You Card