Harry Potter pots

My best friend is in love with Harry Potter so I thought what better way then to make her something special. She loves to garden as well so I decided to put both ideas together and give her a cut garden pot with a Harry Potter theme. 🙂

This was easily done in a weekend (longest time was waiting for the paint to dry). You can use this idea and crate any character you would like. I love the way these turned out so much that I’m thinking of making my daughter a princess one so she can take care of her own flowers. 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Clay pots (any size)
  • Acrylic paint (I use Liquitex Basic)
  • Brushes (multiple sizes)
  • Pallet (I use foil or a paper plate)
  • Sealer (I use mod podge)


  1. Lightly draw out your pattern on your pot. In this case I drew where the hair line was going to be.
outline on pot

2. I painted the face in first in case I messed up the hair line I could easily cover it up with the black. I wanted to get a skin tone so to my white I added a very small bit of yellow and an even smaller amount of red.

first coat of face

3. As you can tell from the first picture I needed to add a second coat to the face because it was to light.

Much better 😀

second coat of face

4. Paint in the hair with black. This only needed one coat. I used a big brush (1″ Flat) for blocking in the two big areas and when it came time to paint the edge I used a liner brush.

painting hair

5. Remember the dirt will be filled a little lower than the top so I painted the inside just a little. I thought it made it look a little better.

inside of pot

6. After the edge is done and everything is dry lightly draw where the face is going to be.

TIP: To get the glasses right I used a compass and drew this on paper first then transferred it to the pot

face outline

7. Trace over your drawing with black after you are happy with it with y our liner brush.

face painting

8. While the pot is drying you can start painting the base. I painted them all yellow first because (being a painter) I know yellow pigment is more transparent and red is very opaque.

first coat pot base

9. I needed to paint a second coat on the base before painting the red stripes.

final base

And there you have it. You’re done. 😀


I hope you enjoyed this little weekend project. If you have any questions or comments please ask them. I love reading things from all of you!

What have you done today?

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