Motivational Monday #10

“Confidence isn’t assuming everyone will like you, It’s knowing you’ll be ok if they don’t.”- Humble Post


Being yourself is hard in this social media age. The internet is a wide and scary place. I constantly said to myself “what if I am not good enough?” “what if no one likes my work?” “what do I have to offer/ what is so special about me?”

When I was first starting out I wasn’t expecting to get so much negative to be honest. I am not sure why, I just didn’t realize how rude some people could be. The truth is no matter how perfect you are some out there WILL say something mean. The hard part is learning to deal with it.

Just because someone treats you poorly do not give you the right to say something mean back. Be the bigger person. Have the confidence in yourself to know what they are saying ins’t true. No one knows you better than you. Not some person that has never met you. Not everyone will be ok with what you have to offer and learning how to be ok with that is something that will make you stronger. So when you get that negativity ask yourself, “what do they know about me? Would the people that truly know me say that too? Are they just jealous?”

Just because some people won’t like what you have to say doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. For example, Thomas Kinkade has some type of his work in 1 out of 10 homes in the US. That’s millions! But for some weird reason there are people out there that bash him. Did he stop? No. and look what he made for him self. So build your world the way you want and bring on the negativity. Let it fuel you to strive to prove them wrong. to be bigger and better. You can do it! 🙂

Have a beautiful day and week!

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday #10

  1. Life Travel Soul says:

    “What if no one likes my work?” “what do I have to offer/ what is so special about me?” I’ve asked myself the same questions when I started blogging. It’s true that no matter how good your photos or posts, not everyone will like that. And….that’s ok. Love the quote!

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