Motivational Monday #7

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill



The mind can make or break a person. It is a VERY powerful thing. Imagine being able to create something just by thinking about it.

Remember when you were a child and someone would ask you “What would you like to be when you grow up?” What was your answer? Are you that person? If not, why?

We can take this idea and apply it to every aspect of our life. What is it that you would like more than anything? No debt? Travel more? Work less? The first step to becoming someone you want to be is thinking and believing it. No one is holding you back but yourself. You can be and do anything you want. That is a powerful thought right?

Napoleon Hill was a very smart man. He wrote a book called “Think And Grow Rich“. He also knew that if you have a strong will, a dream and the right mindset, it is not a matter of IF you will succeed, but WHEN.

Like so many others who knew you have to start with believing in yourself before you can make a difference, you have to learn that too. Belive in yourself. That goal you want so bad is not that far away. Keep working toward it and, like Napoleon said, it is not a matter of IF you will reach it but WHEN.

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