Motivational Monday #6

“Don’t what-if your life away” – Unknown



Regret is a negative emotion that can literally tear you apart from the inside out if you let it. It makes you focus on things in the past. Things you can not change. Why waste your precious moments, your precious time on things you can’t do anything about? I used to always say “what if I wouldn’t have said that?” , “what if I didn’t go there, do that…” Then someone once told me years ago “don’t what-if your life away”. At the time I didn’t think to much of it but then I started noticing how much I actually said “what if”. It was horrible. I have no idea how many moments I’ve lost in my live focusing on things I had no control over.

Now that I have been focusing on the phrase “what-if” for the past few years I try my hardest to never say it unless it pertains to the future. It gives you so much more control. What if we painted the house green? What if we gave the kids their own room? What if we had date nights once a month? Just thinking about these “what-if” questions makes me smile more than feel bad about myself.

Try it for yourself. If you catch yourself thinking of the past and wanting to change it, stop. Tell yourself there is nothing you can do about it and therefore no point wishing it was different. Then focus on what you learned from it and how can you make it better next time. If it helps you in anyway please let me know. I love to know if anyone out there has at least one more better day because of something I’ve said. 🙂



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