Magic Towels :)

As in Grandma fashion, when she comes to visit she brings lots of goodies for the little ones. LOL This time she found these cute Disney princess magic towels. Check out these Disney Frozen Magic Towel Elsa Anna and Olaf Set of 4!


I thought this would be a fun science project to show how these magic towels expand in water. Plus she is in this cute phase where she loves doing “magic”. After opening the magic towels I let her drop them in the water. She waved her magic wand so the heart-shaped package could change into a towel. lol This would make any parent smile.IMG_6393

She was so excited to watch her “magic” work. She went on and on about how she was doing it “Look at it Mommy, its growing because of me!” lol

Waiting was the longest part. 3 year olds can’t wait forever. In the second photo she reached in and tried breaking it apart to speed it up. lol

She loves her little washcloth. All she talks about is being a mermaid just like her towel.


And there you have it. My daughters perfect magic towels. 🙂 We had so much fun making these. If you have young children who enjoy “magic” find some of these cute little washclothes and let your kids have some fun! 🙂


If you think your child would have a blast like mine check them out!


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