Motivational Monday #7

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill     The mind can make or break a person. It is a VERY powerful thing. Imagine being able to create something just by thinking about it. Remember when you were a child and someone would ask you “What would you like to […]

Motivational Monday #6

“Don’t what-if your life away” – Unknown     Regret is a negative emotion that can literally tear you apart from the inside out if you let it. It makes you focus on things in the past. Things you can not change. Why waste your precious moments, your precious time on things you can’t do […]

Googly Eyed Mason Jars

“Be afraid, be very afraid…”-  Ronnie, The Fly (1986) Who doesn’t think of eyeballs when it comes to Halloween? Whether they are goofy or scary, eyeballs are everywhere. I love mason jars so why not make some googly home decor eyed ones for this upcoming Halloween and be the talk of the neighborhood? This was […]

Magic Towels :)

As in Grandma fashion, when she comes to visit she brings lots of goodies for the little ones. LOL This time she found these cute Disney princess magic towels. Check out these Disney Frozen Magic Towel Elsa Anna and Olaf Set of 4! I thought this would be a fun science project to show how these […]