How to Organize Your Plastic Grocery Bags

“With organization comes empowerment” – Lynda Peterson

If you are like us, every time you go to the grocery store you end up with 20 or so plastic bags. You can reuse your plastic grocery bags for so many things so you don’t want to throw them away. Then you end up with huge garbage bags full of these and have nowhere to put them. Here is a neat way to keep them but minimize the space they take up.

  1. Place the bag on a flat surface and flatten it down. Pay attention to the handles orientation. Everything will need to as flat as yoiu can get it.

-Run your hands over the plastic bag to try to get as much air out as you can.


2. Fold the bag in half lengthwise lining up the handles and the edges of the plastic bag. Push out air.


3. Fold the plastic grocery bag in half lining up the edges again. As shown below.


4. This step is optional but I find it saves a few seconds in folding. As a mom of two little ones every second I can save is worth it.

Fold the bottom up leaving about an inch from the top. Run your hand over the bag to try to get out more air.


5. Starting at the opposite end of the handles, fold the corner of the bag in to make a triangle like shown. Continue to fold the triangle over itself. Similar to folding a flag. Fold all the way up, stopping an inch from the top.

-Like before, at each new fold press out as much air as you can.

6. Pick the bag up and make an ice cream cone shape. Tuck the flap inside the “cone” to keep the plastic grocery bag closed.

And you are finished! 🙂


“Organization isn’t about perfection it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” – Christina Scalise

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