23+ ways to reuse your plastic grocery bags

Do you have a ton of those plastic grocery bags that you cant find anything to do with? Here are some old and new ideas so you can put those bags to good use instead of just throwing them away.

  1. Reuse them as grocery bags.
  2. Garbage bags. We use ours for our bathrooms. IMG_6872
  3. In the car. They can be used as a trash bag or to organize things.
  4. Snacks/ knickknacks. When you go on trips you can throw knickknacks into the bags to bring them into the hotel rooms.
  5. Plant transport. I love plants. If you choose not to put your plants in plastic bags before setting them on your car’s FLOORBOARD you will get dirt/mud everywhere.
  6. When getting sick. I get car sick so whenever I got in the car I made sure we always had some bags in there. Just in case.
  7. Throw your dirty clothes in them so you don’t have to put them back in your suitcase with your clean clothes. IMG_6871
  8. In the cooler. When we go on trips I like to make sandwiches, pack snacks and munchies but have you ever put a sandwich in a ziplock bag on the top of the ice just to have it melt, water get in your sandwich bag and your sandwich get ruined? To many times for me to count. 🙁 Put your ice in bags. When it melts it wont go anywhere. 🙂 yay!
  9. Place all your liquid bathroom stuff in a bag. What is worse than a shampoo or conditioner disaster? It happens. Avoid it by placing all your bathroom items in a plastic bag before placing them in your suitcase. That way if the lid pops open it doesn’t get all over the place. IMG_6873
  10. Dog poop has always been a popular one amongst my family. We grew up with dogs and when you take them for walks a bag is always handy
  11. Keeping with the animal theme. Use them for your cats poop too! Line a litter box like you do a trash can so all you have to do is pick it up, tie it and dump it.
  12. Keeping with the poop theme. lol Use them for used diapers if you have kids. These are a must in my diaper bag. Have you ever found yourself changing your little one in the car or somewhere where their isn’t a trash? Pull out a bag and throw it in. 🙂
  13. For solid baby clothes. Babies are notorious for spitting up or blowing out when you are in public and they are wearing their best outfits. lol Along with a change of clothes throw a bag in the diaper bag to place the clothes in so the diaper bag and all it contents don’t get dirty.
  14. You can give them to a non-profit organization. My church donates to the needy all the time and they are always looking for bags to transfer the stuff in.
  15. Gardening. I always carry a bag when I weed my flower bed. My husband hates when I throw them out in the yard and I don’t like walking to the garbage with every little handful I have. I place them all in the bag then dump them in the trash.
  16. Mini green house. I live in a state when we can get cold winters. some light snow. Most plants don’t thrive in frost so I cover them with a bag to make a tiny home for them. I like to say “I tuck them in at night” lol
  17. When moving. Packing peanuts are expensive and can make such a mess. Besides, after you move what do you do with them? Use plastic grocery bags instead. I don’t know how many times I’ve used this when I’ve moved. IMG_6875
  18. When painting. I love painting but paint drips. Drop cloths can sometimes be too big to work around or to expensive to buy. Cut along the sides and open it up. Perfect for dripped paint. img_6876.jpg
  19. Paint supplies. If you are painting a house chances are you are not going to finish it all in one day. Why waste a ton of paint washing out your brush, roller and pan every time? Just throw them all in a bag, twist the bag closed or tie it off so air can’t get in and reuse the next day/week. I left mine for a week and a half before returning and it was still wet!
  20. Flea markets or yard sales. I love cheap finds at a flea market. The last thing you want it to be walking around with your arms full and not be able to keep looking through stuff.
  21. For cooking. If you have ever made fried chicken the best and easiest way to do it is in a plastic bag. Throw all the ingredients in a bag and shake.
  22. Bread crumbs. After toasting bread throw it in a bag and smash them to make crumbs you can use to coat chicken, like my bone chicken, or to top on a casserole.
  23. Protect your hair. My MIL twists her hair and pins it over night to make an easy up do in the morning. So she doesn’t loose any pins or tangle it she places a bag over her hair. 
  24. Lunch bags. Has anyone else been in a rush and misplaced their lunch pail? Just me? In one of those not-so-rare moments I grab for a plastic grocery bag to organize my food.

I hope you found a new use for these plastic grocery bags! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “23+ ways to reuse your plastic grocery bags

  1. janefrith50gmailcom says:

    I miss these bags now that they are no longer so available, but I understand why and support completely that they are not free. I still use them when I have them and one of the main uses is to pop in my pocket when going out for a walk so that I can pick up litter on the way back. That makes me sound very virtuous; I’m not, but litter is one of my pet hates.

    • passion4diy says:

      I hate litter too! My grandpa taught me to leave something better than you found it. It was mostly when we went camping but it applies to everything. I should add that to my list!
      Where do you live that you don’t have these?

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