Motivational Monday #3

“When everything is going against you, remember it is the airplane that takes off into the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford (1863-1947)


This is one of my husbands favorite quotes and there is no wonder why. This quote is a constant reminder that life doesn’t always go our way. There are times when you feel you just can’t keep going. If that is you today, you are not alone. No matter what you are thinking, you are never alone. We all feel like that more than a few times in our lives but the reason to keep going, keep fighting, is because it will get better. Something will go your way and you will become the happiest you’ve ever been.

Work for something you believe in. Don’t just accept handouts, they teach you nothing. You have to work at it. The harder you work for something the greater the return. And believe you can do it. Be that one person fighting against the wind knowing your dream and your future is within your grasp.

If you have a chance, read up on great achievers like Walt Disney (who wanted to give up NUMEROUS times), Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Orville Wright, Sam Walton and many many more. What if they would have said “this wind is to strong, I might as well not try”?


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