Repurposed Wind Chime

Wind chimes are the music of the garden

Wind Chimes have been around for thousand and thousand of years and there’s a reason. Some say they bring good luck, some have them for Feng Shui and most, like me, love just listening to them when the wind blows. 🙂

I found this neglected wind chime at a flea market for a dollar. It’s nails were loose and coming out of the top, the string is frayed and look like it’s about to break, the poor wood has definitely seen to  many summers and the whole piece was a tangled mess.



I sanded all the wood to bring it back to its original beauty. You can see the difference of the wood after I sanded it. I used a rough sandpaper first to remove the years of sun damage then a fine one to smooth it.



The silver was just ok to me, plus it looked like some parts had been sun damaged as well so I choose to spray them with Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. I love the look of this. If you do spray, please do it outside and remember over spray. It will go everywhere if you’re not careful. I sprayed before painting because I knew there would be over spray and get on the wood. I left everything attached because it made it easier to dry.

Wind chime

Painting has always been my favorite thing to do so this was the part I was looking forward to the most. 😀 My gazebo has light blue tones with dragonflies so I decided to paint the chime white and make my own stencil design of a dragonfly with stars in light blue to match the coloring. I like the color Rust-oleum Highland Blue and Rust-oleum White 🙂


In order to paint the wood I took it apart and just replaced the string with some outdoor heavy-duty nylon braided string that will hold up to the elements.


This was my first wind chime and I had fun doing it! I think I will make some more. 😀 Do any of you have good color/idea for one you’d like to see?

What have you made today?

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