American Flag Wreath

This was fun to make. Who doesn’t like wreaths? lol. This was actually my first burlap wreath and I have to say it was surprisingly easy. 😀

What you need:

  • Wire wreath
  • 2 different burlap ribbon (one normal and one american flag looking)
  • red, white and blue construction paper
  • battery operated star lights

Start by making loops in the wreath with the ribbon. I started with the inner ring. Push the ribbon up through the wire to make a loop. Then I made a loop in the middle ring the same way. Last a loop in the outer ring.


Burlap ribbon can be used for so many different things. The roll I bought I made beautiful bows for my wedding.

Every new loop was next to the previous loop with minimal overlapping. I continued looping until I reached my starting point.


I then did the same thing with the american flag design ribbon, filling in the gaps. I just tried to fill in all the areas to make it look full. In most places it meant 2 loops and others I added three loops.


Flag ribbon

I made my own star stencil. I go into how to make your own stencil in a different post. I cut the stars out of cardstock. I made the bow with some red ribbon. I used a marker to help me keep the bow even. It’s so much easier than trying to tape it or use my finger.


Cardstock is a must in any crafters supply closet.

I then wove the string of lights throughout the wreath. Since the battery pack is bulky and ugly, I shoved it under a loop in the back of the wreath to hide it. I thought putting lights in it would add something special since we will probably be outside late into the night lighting fireworks.


Star lights

I attached the bow with some hot glue (because it has a loop on the back you could tie it with a string also) and strung the stars with some different lengths of white string.


All finished!


I pray you all have a very fun VERY safe Fourth of July!

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What have you made today?

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