4th of July Stacked Garden Pots

I love being out in my garden. There is something about planting, playing in dirt, the smell of flowers and watering that is just soothing to me. Or maybe it is all the work you put into it to finally see that bud you have been waiting for for so long. I get so giddy. I check on it every day until it blooms and then have to call everyone in the house to come see it. LOL I also take photos of it and send to all my family. LOL It is like christmas. LOL Yup, I love gardening.

So I thought what better way to celebrate the 4th? These pots were fun to make and I honestly love looking at them when I go out to water. They just make me smile. 🙂 I know They will for you too! 😀

What you will need:

  • Terra Cotta pots (Make sure the one on the bottom is bigger)
  • Paint ( anything you have should be fine because I sealed mine)
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod podge sealer
  • Rebar
  • Flowers and dirt

What I did:

Your terra-cotta pots can be any size. It might actually be cool if you did two little stacks and one big stack. 😀 If anyone does that please send photos! I’d LOVE to see them!

terra pots

Terra Pots

It doesn’t matter what the outside of the pots look like. If you have a few old ones lying around use them! As you can see one of mine is old and once painted, you can’t even notice.


Like I said in the “what you need” part. Any paint should do. I even used non-toxic, water based finger paint! And we just had a storm last night where they got drenched and the paint didn’t come off at all. 🙂 Because it is water based I did have to do a couple of coats. But I actually love the matte finish it turned out with!IMG_6125

These finger paints made by Crayola are

I wish I had a circuit machine or a silhouette but honestly I just can’t afford one at the moment so I make my own stencils. I normally use a thin sheet of plastic so the stencil will hold up for more than just a couple uses but I ran out so I grabbed a piece of paper. Honestly anything will work. If you would like to know how to make a stencil I have gone into more detail in a different post. 🙂IMG_6151

This Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle

I randomly painted the stars all over the bottom making sure to turn them so they all weren’t facing the same direction. In this picture they are still wet so they look a little transparent. IMG_6152

plastic sheet

Once they all dried I sprayed them with a Mod Podge sealer which I was very impressed with!

I wanted to show different ways these could be displayed. Here I put some flowers in them and used them as a center piece. Almost thought about keeping them like this because I thought it looked so cute! 😀 If you like the land of the free jars and the salt and pepper shakers  you can complete the look.

Pound the rebar into the ground so the top ends up half way into the very top pot (I kind of guessed).

Put the flower in first and then add the dirt around it. Then stack and fill the second, third and fourth (or how ever many pots you have).


And here is your final product! 🙂 You will have the best looking yard!


If you like what you see make sure to join the fun so you don’t miss any amazing DIY projects!

Have a very wonderful, very safe Fourth of July!!

What have you made today?

4 thoughts on “4th of July Stacked Garden Pots

  1. Lana Cole says:

    I won’t be able to make one of these for the upcoming holiday but I love this look of the tipped pots… I so want to make one for my patio! So adorable! ☀️

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