The Land of The Free

Like many other Americans, I love the Fourth of July. I love the colors, the food, the decorations and the fireworks. But most importantly I love the time spent with family. I wanted to make something special for this iconic holiday so I decided to create these painted jars to display proudly.

What you need:

  • Glass jars
  • Glass paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cord
  • Glue

I found these awesome jars at the dollar store. Even better if you have some pasta jars or any other ones that are FREE. 🙂




I painted the jars with long single strokes so they would come out with little over lapping.


These finger paints made by Crayola are

Finish painting all the jars the colors you like. I wanted to go with a distressed/ transparent look so I only put one layer of paint on them.


Add cord. Use a drop of glue (any kind you like best) at the start and the end of the cord. If you feel you need more throughout that is totally doable. 🙂


jute cord

Add the words. I always make my own stencils. I do not have a fancy machine that will do it for me so I have learned how to make a stencil.

plastic sheet

I sealed them with Mod Podge spray for durability.

For the party you can add forks, knives and spoons to these cute jars and when you are not entertaining…


I love Mod Podge but when I saw this spray

you can place flowers in them and have them as a nice display. 😀 I don’t think they turned out to bad but I think next time I will put two layers of paint of them.



One of the things I love the most about doing it yourself are all the options. This can be changed a million times. Each piece has your own unique finger print, not one is the same. 🙂 How ever yours turns out, be proud of it! And I would LOVE to see pictures!

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Have a very fun, very safe Fourth Of July!

What have you made today?!

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