A Daughter’s First Hero

There is something special that a father and a daughter share. Something only the stars can understand. Yet it shines so bright everyone can see it. It is, in my opinion, more than love.

My Father has been my world since before I could remember. When he speaks the world stands still. When he laughs the mountains shake too. And when he says he loves me him, and only him, can unlock the deepest most secure part of my heart.

For you fathers out there that have little girls, you may not understand now, or ever, the impact you have on her. She will watch your every move so closely just so she can be more like you. She will learn how to hold herself. She will learn how to let other people treat her based on how she is treated by you. And she will search for a love so deep that you have shown her exists.

Now that my husband and I have two little girls I am thrilled he will know that love I know is waiting for him. So I believe with all my heart that a daddy IS a daughter’s first hero!

What you need:

  • board of any kind.
  • clip
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • stencil
  • picture
  • glue

I kind of liked the beat up look this board had so I opted not to even sand it smoother. I painted it with chalk paint I made myself and mixed it to be a grey-ish blue. I thought it looked boy-ish. Although now I’m thinking the big hole doesn’t photograph well. LOL Oh well…


I glued on the clip first so I could place the picture in it and figure out where the wording would look best. I am obsessed with Mod Podge so I used that to glue. Now I am just trying to cover up the hole. LOL


I LOVE Mod Podge! I use it on almost every-2.pngNext, place the stencil how you want it to look and paint the wording on. Hero1

Add the photo back to the clip and you are done! I know this post makes it look like it takes 5 mins to make this but because of the words it does take a while. Unless you have a Cuircut or vinyl. Then it is just a matter of print and go. 🙂

This Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle.pngHero2

I hope you like it!

Happy Father’s Day!

What have you made today?

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