We Love You Berry Much!

Do you love your little ones hand prints as much as I do? Every opportunity that I get I stamp their hands or feet on something. LOL I feel that is one (of many) things you will never get back so can you really have to many? My answer… NO! 😀

What you will need:

  • washable non-toxic finger paint
  • cardstock paper
  • paint brush

All you need to do is paint your kids hands with paint and put them anywhere you would like on the paper (easier to write about than to actually do, I know! LOL).

Cardstock is a must in any crafters supply closet.

Anywhere you would like, write “we love you berry much!” My daughter wanted to write because she LOVES to paint. If any one has paint out she has a brush in her hand too, painting anything she sees. Fun for her, not so much for me. LOL She did the dots too.

These finger paints made by Crayola are

I know it doesn’t look like one of those perfect ones you see on Pinterest but I love the mess because I know my 3 year old is the one that actually made it.


And there you have it. A very easy and quick personalized gift.

I hope you have a very special Father’s Day!

What have you made today?

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