Our Hands Card

Any special occasion is a perfect opportunity to create timeless keepsakes from your kids! I LOVE handprints and feet prints. Even when I look back at my 3-year-olds hand print it make me reminisce at how tiny she was. This card you will cherish for a long time to come!

What you will need:

  • washable, non-toxic finger paint
  • cardstock paper
  • pencil
  • color pens
  • envelope


Cardstock is a must in any crafters supply closet.

Take your cardstock and fold it in half. Figure out where you would like your children’s hand prints to be placed and stamp them.

TIP: If you like the way the stamped hand looks (like the one from the hospital) but you do not have a stamp pad, take a sponge with light paint on it and dab their hand. 🙂


These finger paints made by Crayola are

My hand writing is not the best in the world so I cheat when it comes to writing words. LOL If you would like to learn my trick I’ve written a post with more detail on how to make a nice font on a card


Once the wording is on there the way you would like it in pencil you get to add color now! This is my favorite part. 🙂



I put the colors in a random order so no two colors would be right next to one another.


And you are all done! Now that you have a nice card why not make a custom envelope to go with it?

Cards are something we use all the time! but when you make your cards how do you mail them or give them? This pack of 50 has every color you could need!


I hope you and your family have a wonderful Father’s Day!

What have you made today?

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