6 Effortless DIY Father’s Day cards

Would your kids like to make Daddy something special this Father’s Day? I’ve compiled 6 of the most effortless DIY Father’s Day cards you and your kids can make in minutes!

  1. Form a second born. I come from a joking family so when I made this card I fell in love with it so much that this is what I am giving to my daddy. LOL



2. “These were the hands you used to hold.” I love looking at how small my kids used to be. It brings back memories and reminds you how fast time flies. Every moment is precious.



3. “I Love you to pieces” My daughter had so much fun making this one. She was so happy that she got to pick the colors and sprinkle the squares in to the glue on the heart. 🙂 You can change the “mom” to “dad”



4. “I love you this much” This is such a cute card! I love that it feel like a big hug! Anything with handprints are perfect in my opinion because in years to come you can look back on it.



5. I love you card. I sign this to my husband all the time so it was a no brainer this should be on the list of cards for Father’s Day. Have your little one tell Daddy they love him with thier own hand!


6. We love you berry much! My daughter was really into this one. LOL She wanted to make more. It not only is a fun craft to do with your kids but it is also a very nice thoughtful gift!


I hope you have a VERY wonderful Father’s Day!

What have you made today?

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