Hello my beautiful friends!

Do you love doing something so much it hurts when you’re not? When I first started this blog I never thought I would use it as an outlet for my feelings but here I am writing to all of you.

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I was recently looking up art work on tumbler and realized how much my heart aches to paint on canvas again. I started oil painting about 23 years ago but haven’t touched a canvas in over four years when I got pregnant with my first daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. If I had to I’d give up art and DIY all together for them without a second thought but right now that dream of creating a beautiful piece of art on canvas seems so far away and it feels like my heart is breaking when I think of that.

The photo above was one I completed when I was about 12 or so. I grew up near the beach and I have always loved the complexity of it. The mystery that surrounds the ocean. How angry and peaceful it can be. The death and life that it holds. The mystery and secrets we may never know. It is impossible to capture all that through one work of art but this painting always reminds me life has all sorts of faces. I never signed my work growing up because I never thought I was good enough but that never stopped my love for it.

When I picked my website name I knew it was a great name for me but I had no idea that the name picked me. Art IS my passion. It tugs at my heart. It has a hold on me that I can’t understand or describe.

Do any of you have such a deep passion for something that if you had to give it up your heart would break?

What is your passion?

Thanks for listening/ reading.

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