Hex Nut Bracelet

What a cute bracelet.

fair creates

I do have some craft projects to share with you all soon, but right now they’re all in the messy, half-completed stage. This bracelet exists mostly because it was something I could finish in half an hour. Plus, all the materials to make it could be found in the toolbox under the kitchen sink.

I used this tutorial over at Brit + Co. The bracelet was so easy to make, just braid some cord and string the hex nuts on each strand as you go. It’s hard to believe that you can make wearable jewelry from stuff you can find for under a dollar at the hardware store, but these bracelets look surprisingly good. Plus, if feels great to finish a project so quickly!

How about you? Have you ever made an easy project just for the sense of accomplishment you get from finishing something? How did it turn out?

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