DIY Personalized Necklace

I love to learn all types of DIY stuff. Learning how to stamp and make metal jewelery was very fun! Just grab your favorite type of stamp and some jewelry sets and you’re ready!

What you will need:

  • Hammer
  • Block
  • Washer/ Metal ring/ Metal bar
  • Photo holder (or you can make one out of a washer, ill show you)
  • Small connector rings (to connect the jewelry to the chain)
  • Stamps
  • Tape

How to make your jewelry:

  1. Figure out what you want where. Thinking ahead is important because once you start stamping you can not undo it.

IMG_55252. Once you figure that out test it on paper to get the length and feel for the stamp (just firmly press into the paper)

3. Take the metal jewelry and place a piece of tape over the whole thing. This will do two things. 1, It will help you place your letters in the right spot and 2, It keeps your piece from sliding and bending. Make sure the tape is holding down the piece of jewelry.


4. Now start stamping on your metal block. The final product should look close to this:


5. Now for the photo. With this one I used a photo piece of jewelry because I had one and it was easier. Trace the circle onto a piece of paper and test its fit. Then print out the picture the size you need. (TIP: I did a few different sizes the first time so I could find one that fit the best.) Place the photo inside the frame and generously mod podge over the top of it. let it dry for 24 hours. (TIP: I did a thin layer first of mod podge, let it dry so the ink didn’t have time to blend. Then I did a generous amount) This necklace is fully water proof.

USING A WaSHER: If you don’t have a photo frame jewelry piece and don’t want to spend money you can make one from an old washer. Trace the center onto a piece of paper for the size of the photo like above. Take the washer and put a piece of tape on the back of it. Then fill the center with a generous amount of mod podge. Let that dry over night. Place your photo inside the washer and add another generous amount of mod podge on top. And you are done! 🙂 Stamp a hole through the washer and hang it on a necklace.


This is one of my favorite necklaces. I love carrying my family with me!

If you try it please let us know how it went. If you have any questions or comments please ask. We read every comment and love hearing from all of you!

If you like what you see and want more be sure to join the fun!

What have you made today?!


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