DIY Mother’s Day Flowers

Hello to all my beautiful friends! Flowers are always a tradition for Mother’s Day. Anyone can buy her store-bought ones. Why not tell your Mom how special she is with these one-of-a-kind hand-made bouquet of roses?


  • Old egg cartoon
  • Scissors and/or box cutter
  • Paint (any colors you would like)
  • Brushes
  • Straws (I used green)
  • Green construction paper (for leaves)


  1. Cut all the egg holders out


2. Shape the flowers by cutting the corners out. Kind of like triangles.


3. Now the fun starts. PAINTING! This is NOT for a neat freak. LOL I struggled with this because I am a clean freak. LOL Paint got everywhere! In her hair, on the floor, table, on her nose. But I am learning to let the little things go and remember it’s more about the memory than the mess. 🙂 and she had a BLAST!

4. Find a place where they aren’t going to be able to reach them to dry. LOL All she wanted to do was keep painting them.

5. Cut out squares from the construction paper and cut an X in the middle for the leaves. Then fold it in your thumb to create a bowl-like shape.

6. Stab the straw through the flowers and the paper and enjoy! (tip: you may need to use a box cutter to cut a hole in the flowers if you cant get the straw through)


I am actually pretty proud of these. LOL You know when you try to make something it never turns out like the picture in your head? These actually turned out better than I was thinking they would. Maybe it is just because my daughter painted them but I think I might just leave them up year round. LOL I’ll just change out the vase and bow. I think I’ll put a burlap bow for the rest of the year and place it on my mantel. 🙂 One proud mama!

What have you made today?

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