My ‘Nailed It’ Story! LOL :/

I LOVE baking but I am definitely NOT the best baker in the world! My daughter just had her third birthday and I paid someone to make cupcakes. LOL I did make the store-bought ones but I kept them in a box in the corner and never brought them out. LOL And this is why:

Looks great right?

These were mine:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.44.12 PM

So, there is this new show on Netflix called Nailed It. The show is AWESOME! I tried to make a recreation of my face and send it in. Heres how it went:

First lets start by mixing everything. Went fairly well. The batter was really crumbly. Not sure if that is what it is supposed to look like but I guess it was ok. Rolling was another story. It stuck to EVERYTHING even if I used flour. :/

Now the icing…. Hummm

OK first lesson learned… lets read the instructions better. EGG WHITES BLONDIE! Back to square one…

Second attempt. At least it’s white. But runny! I added more sugar but no use. I am just going to have to use it. I ran out of powdered sugar. LOL


First epic fail:

It burnt! Honestly I don’t know what I did wrong. Left it in to long? I kept going anyway. Learn from your experiences right? That is just one pathetic looking final… Back to square one… again.

Epic, sorta, fail number two:

So the cookie turned out a tad better in color but the icing?! Are you kidding. I STILL have no idea what went wrong with it. And I could NEVER fix it. Never made icing before… You now get why I paid someone for the cupcakes? :/ I would be like “here kids… have some goo!” LOL

OK, I am awkwardly proud of the final:

The color turned out good, the icing stayed on and stayed in the place I put it…. kinda… What do you think? Nailed it? LOL


You would think after 2 1/2 hours and three cookies later I would have a better looking face-cookie than this…

Being a mom makes you see the world a whole lot differently then you ever thought possible. The whole time I kept messing up my 3-year-old kept cheering me on. Telling me she couldn’t wait to try them, they smelled so good, if she could eat them and if she had to share. She even wanted to be just like mommy and make her own face and take a picture just like mommy.


K and my cookie face!

Then if that isn’t cute enough to put a smile on your face she ate them! And said they were so yummy. After eating all the chocolate chip eyeballs of course. 🙂


Then the best and worse part. LOL She wanted to take a picture eating them! I sucked it up and said “alright”. How bad could they be right? OMG!………. WTF did I do wrong!?!? AND it of course took THREE takes to get the picture she liked! THREE BITES! By the third I just spit it out. LOL She  was all “mommy why did you do that? they are yummy!” guess it must be because she has no idea what a REAL cookie should taste like. LOL


Weather or not I get chosen I want to thank the show for creating a memory I will NEVER forget! I am already a winner. 🙂

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  1. Country❤️ says:

    This post is awesome. Lol I hope they do pick you. Good luck! I’ll shave to check out the show! It looks funny! Thank you

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