50 of the Best Country, Rustic and Farmhouse Decor

50 ways to freshen up your home that you probably haven’t seen before!

  1. Taking old fence board and cutting them different lengths is a very simple and easy way to transform a dull half bath into a beautiful rustic or farmhouse feel. wood
  2. Dont want to cover the whole wall with wood? This rustic looking shelving are a great alternative.                                           shelving
  3.  I LOVE this idea of the barn doors to cover a window. You could even take this idea and cover the TV. Perfect conversation piece!remodel25
  4. Have a stock tank lying around? We had a few we didn’t know what to do with. It adds SOO much character to the living room. They come in smaller sizes too. Maybe use the same idea for an ottoman or a coffee table? 🙂table
  5. I know this picture doesn’t do it much justice but I love the glass doors. It is such a simple style but adds that little rustic touch in the background. Nice way to separate rooms but still have an “open feel”rustic-laundry-room-683x1024
  6. Beautifully finished rustic master. The different stain on the ceiling allows it to feel taller and breaks up all the wood brown. GREAT idea!                                     rustic room
  7. Going for that rustic look? Check out these counter tops. The edges give off that unfinished feel. And the trim was perfectly executed with the same feel creating the flow that ties everything together. remodel18
  8. A farmhouse sink is a wonderful addition to any rustic or farmhouse home and with the added cuts of beef decor… perfect!remodel15
  9. Tall base boards are an old-time style that brings a subtle but effective rustic look to this entryway.                remodel12
  10. With a glue gun, $1 waste basket and some twine you can make your own unique waste basket for any style.                                                                           photo328
  11. Here is a unique ottoman and storage. Perfect for any country, rustic or farmhouse decor. Add it to any living room set and you can bring in a touch of nature.   ottoman
  12. Everything about this photo is awesome! You not ony have the farmhouse sign but the sliding barn doors! What an amazing and versatile way to display your dishes or anything you want! And the little cart that separates all the fruits and veggies! Perfect final touch!              countrdoor
  13. This, like many on here, came from http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2016/05/wyoming-prairie-house.html. Their story and transformation of their home is awesome. This is a repurposed barn door and bones from her husbands hunt. The rope was her grandfathers that he actually used. Personal decor is the heart of a home. It is what makes it you. Remember that when designing.decor with a story
  14. Clearly marked signs are a great way to label areas in the home. And here is another use for sliding barn doors. doors
  15. Crates are becoming a very popular item. You can use them in so many ways. Here is a perfect way to add them to a bathroom. You could even place them side by side and create a shelf and decorate the top.                                             DSCF3169
  16. Wood signs can dress up any room in the home, even restrooms, so don’t just think about them for the living room or kitchen. A nice lined wire basket is also an added touch.                                                                                                         fd4ba2921537a0451b063d26b4da4858
  17. For a country or farmhouse feel bringing the outside in is a must. Simple flowers and old-time bottles create a soft welcoming feel. Tie them together with some twine or leave them separate. Either way you are sure to get complements on them.flowers
  18. This is perfect for any entryway. It is versatile with the shelving and the drawers but still ties everything in with the sliding doors. It can be found at Hobby Lobby.hobby lobbyhobby lobby1
  19. Another awesome find at Hobby Lobby. This little table would be a great addition to any farmhouse home. The painted glass adds that perfect touch.hobby lobby 2
  20. A hutch is a GREAT way to display your dishes and other knickknacks. hutch
  21. This island screams rustic! It is beautiful! You will be the envy of the town. The color is a beautiful olive that enhances the wood countertop.  island
  22. Use bottles as lights with a big block at the top. It brings in the natural look with the wood and adds the touch of canning. light fixture
  23. What an awesome idea for a pallet project. You could hang this right above your coffee station. All your mugs will be easy to reach as well as displaying them with your theme. Afternoon project. Done. 🙂Coffee
  24. Here is an even easier project to get done! Get any box you have lying around (it could even be cardboard) and use your hot glue gun to glue twine around it. Put a liner in it and presto. A very inexpensive way to add to your style. box-basket
  25. Not only is the headboard awesome the bench at the end of the bed fits perfectly as well.          benh
  26. This was a must for us. We live in a brick home with two brick fireplaces and a brick sunroom. If you are going for that farmhouse/ country feel adding a texture like a brick backslash is a very easy way to achieve that goal. bbacksplash
  27. If you are going to do anything with mason jars this would be a perfect addition. This one I found on Hobbylobby.com but you could also make one.148532
  28. Another great way to incorporate crates into your theme. And if you are low on storage this is a perfect way to add a ton! Fill it with books, blankets, pictures ect.66880b40d830d9a51f561ea060bd1911
  29. Have an old milk jug from your grandmother or parent? Don’t throw it out! Keep those memories alive and transform it into a beautiful flower decor! Wrap with some burlap and add your families initial and it’s personalized just for you!Milk jar
  30. I am all about textures. If everything is all wood…bland. If everything is all brick… oh my. If everything is all metal… burrr. But a little of them all… perfect! light
  31. Since all that wood, metal and brick can be heavy-looking it is important to add in a lighter touch like flowers. Remember to always try to bring the outside in. It creates a calming warming environment. Jars
  32. There is nothing that screams home more than photos of your family. This old ladder hung on the wall makes a perfect place to display all those memories that bring a smile to your face.family
  33. The entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home. Think about how you want that space to welcome your guests. It will set the mood for your whole home. This one has different ways to say hello, greenery and a mirror (for that one last look before you rush out the door). And if your entryway is small a mirror will trick the eye into making it look bigger.entrywat
  34. Old window door? Reuse it! this is beautiful and easy project. You could add the hooks like this one for a coat rack or omit them and just have it as a center piece. You could also have it horizontal or vertical. a5877b699fe0411f298d305844f2f9b9
  35. This little rustic stool is an easy way to add a little seat anywhere in your home or as a step stool depending on how tall you choose to make it. Find the instructions at remodelahlic.com        00f7c83988c259d312f69d0155e3d388
  36. Everyone has little knickknacks, cards, keys and invites that get lost on the table or in the stack of mail right? problem solved. Make a wood frame and staple some chicken wire to the back and simply hang it up. Esay farmhouse decor.chicken wire
  37. Jars are a wonderful place to store mixes, rice and flour. This reminds me of my grandmother. Print out some old school looking labels and they will fit into your decor theme.                            pantry-organization-labels-005
  38. Tired of that big bucket that houses all your baking and cooking utensils? Organize them with mason jars. Paint them any color that matches your decor or leave them clear.                                                                               1a3f1f40445cb9b5c8a4159a62e748c7
  39. Perfect laundry room idea! All that loose change you find while emptying those jeans. Finders keepers. 🙂 This is the way moms get paid. Lolec0f1641fcd494334876ca9d82d96711
  40. As if I havent shown you a million and one ideas for mason jars already. This idea is just to cute to pass up!mason jar
  41. Yup, even more mason jar ideas. All the different sizes creates depth and flow. The added cotton flowers are a wonderful addition as well.bathrrom.jpg
  42. Have an extra pallet lying around? Perfect way to display your wine and glasses so they don’t take up cabinet space.                        pallet-wine-rack
  43. These beautiful red flowers lighten up everything. I love the checkered tie. That is what ties it all together… No pun intended. Lolea8cd58cfec00d42f44170a2d74760a5
  44. Simple and effective way to display your families photos again.5-rustic-photo-frames
  45. Need a place for your keys? Mail? Why not make this cute plaque? Instead of “home” you could put your families name or your favorite quote. Make it yours.b5b06c483799325d9cf30b731f40aa24
  46. For those who love baths a bath table is a must. Here is a simple DIY bath table.a16d0e2b-45c6-4f37-887c-724d85e61ee2
  47. Family sign with twinkle lights. Nice touch to any entryway.


49. Cover up a corner with a crate shelf. And fill it with different textured items.IMG_5015

50. Farmhouse clock help tie in any room.IMG_5013


I know that was a lot all at once but I hope you found some ideas and inspirations for your  home. Have fun!

What have you made today?

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