Make your own Starbucks coffee


There are lots of reasons to make your own coffee. For starters it saves TONS of money in the long run! How do you get the same great taste as Starbucks though?

I have tried lots of different ways and this is the one I found to work the best. It is VERY forgiving too so you can change it up to satisfy the flavor you want that morning. or night. 🙂

First: Get all the ingredients you will need.



Use 1 TBS of Torani. I LOVE the Smore’s Starbucks just came out with so when I found that Torani made a smore’s flavor I was sold! I am the type to turn on my stove in the summer months just to roast a marshmallow to have a smore for lunch. LOL


My go-to drink at Starbucks is a Carmel Macchiato. That is why I use the caramel syrup. You can change it to chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and even white chocolate! Be creative! 1 TBS.

If you like your coffee really sweet you can add sugar at this stage. I started with a tsp but eventually omitted it all together. I am not an overly sweet coffee drinker.

Brew your coffee. I do 12oz on strong in my Keurig.


I use 2 TBS of 1/2 & 1/2. I don’t have a froth machine so I use a whisk. Roll it back and forth in your hands for a few seconds. Pop it into the microwave for 15 seconds and then froth a few more seconds. It will rise so watch it. Although 15 seconds shouldn’t make it rise but if you want it hotter be careful.


This is what it will look like after heated. Notice it rose a little.


Add it to your coffee.


I sometimes top it with caramel for that little something special. 🙂


And enjoy!

Please leave a comment below. I’d LOVE to hear if you tried it and what you think! If you like my blog feel free to keep in touch! 🙂

What have you made today?

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