How a child can change your perspective.

You woke up late because your infant kept you up every few hours. Your toddler didn’t want to get out of bed. When she finally did, she ran around the house refusing to put her clothes on or get her hair done. You are now late for your play group. There was no time for coffee. No time for breakfast even. You are grabbing both the kids and throwing them in the car, stressed and sweating from the cardio workout you just had just to get three people dressed. In the car you realize you didn’t even brush your hair… oh well… now you are yelling at your two year old to stop hitting the baby. And the “or else” that your parents used on you comes out. Hoping they won’t call your bluff because you really don’t know what you would do (you need this play day as much as she does). We finally get there and all she wants to do is sit in your lap. :/ thinking ‘almost nap time then I’ll get some ‘rest.’ Baby has other plans. Dinner is a battle of “I want this… I need more this… I don’t like this…” finally I get a nibble of now-cold dinner then the baby wants to eat. Guess you’ll just skip dinner. Who needs food anyway right? It’s finally the end of the day. You count the minutes until bedtime thinking ‘if only I can lay my head down for a second.’ You put the oldest to bed and read a story she never sat still for. Fighting to keep her in bed while holding the little one. One down, one to go. Feed and put the baby down…. finally, The Moment, your pillow… you start to close your eyes and the oldest yells for you. Half crying you drag yourself outta bed and walk to her room exhausted. This better be good you think to yourself.

Her: mommy, can you lay with me?

Me: mommy is tired sweetheart.

Her: but mommy I love you so much and I had so much fun today I just wanna cuddle and hug you and say thank you….

I crawl into her bed and hold her tight

Her: mommy?

Me: yes?

Her: you’re my best friend!

I don’t care how tired I was. In that single moment my pillow didn’t matter. My dark circle didn’t matter. My stress melted. My heart grew. My love expanded. In that single moment without sleep I’d do it all over again.

As adults we get so caught up in stupid things we miss the big picture. She didn’t know we were late, that my food was cold, that I was tired. She knew mommy played tag with me when I was getting dressed. We went out together and I got to sit on her lap and love her. She gave me a yummy meal and read stories to me.

Sometimes we need to slow down and see the world through our children’s eyes. There’s more love there then the whole world has to offer.

2 thoughts on “How a child can change your perspective.

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for seeing this and writing it down. Even when our kids are grown we all need to take that moment and look through the little eyes of kids. Thank you for reminding me of these things.

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