My dad’s birthday was a week or so ago and since we live so far away from them I decided to make a card from the girls and send him. It was a fun afternoon project.

I have a 4 month old and an almost three year old. It has gotten easier to do these project with my 3 year old but for the baby… :/ lol The only way to get a semi good print is to do it while she’s sleeping…lol, and risk waking her :/. No matter what, handprints are impossible to get perfect. I don’t care what photos you see online where a baby print is perfect. Don’t have expectations that high. You’ll only be disappointed. What truly matters is that you get something. If it isn’t perfect its because life isn’t perfect. They are kids. when you look at that smeared handprint it will be a memory of what it took to get it. To get anything. So love that smear. thats what made it YOURS.

  1. First step: Get ALL you materials you need. If you love the look of the stamp foot and hands like I do, instead of a splotchy paint, theres a trick.
  2. Know your plan. Know which print will be first, second, what and where you will put letters. You could even go as far as making a rough draft (without the prints, you’ll only get one good shot at theses).
  3. Make prints.
  4. If you didn’t print out the words on the paper beforehand, wait until everything is done to paint the words. Reason why I wouldn’t print the words on after you do the prints is because printers can mess up. Paper can jam, ink can run out or color won’t come out right and most important placement. If anything goes wrong you’ll have to do the whole thing all over again.
  5. Let it all dry, put it in an envelope and send.


CUSTOMIZE: Make your own colors. Blues, greens, greys. It doesn’t even have to be for a birthday. 10 reasons I love you, 10 reasons you’re the best dad/ mom, 10 reasons I love being apart of your life, 10 reasons you’re the best graduate. Add reasons that are just you. ‘You’re smart’, ‘you read me stories’, ‘you play on the floor with me’, ‘you work hard’, ‘you let me pick the movie’, ‘you teach me things’, ‘you help out around the house’, ‘you cuddle with me’, ‘you hold me close’, ‘we travel together’, ‘you let me sleep in’, ‘you’re fun’, and/or ‘we make ice cream, cookies, cakes, dinner, breakfast together’…

What have you made today?

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