Light-up Ghost Mason Jars

“Ghost hug! You can’t feel them, but it’s there!” – Unknown I love ghosts at Halloween. There is something about the cuteness of them that just makes me smile. What better addition to my mason jars than a cute tea light ghost. Matrials: Mason jar White acrylic paint Paint brush aluminum foil/ wax paper Peel […]

Hand Painted Glassware

“I work because I love to, not because I have to.” I have amazing parents that encouraged me to pursue my dreams. When I was 9 years old they put me in an oil painting class. I fell in love with painting. Over the years I have worked in all different types of medium including, […]

Repurposed Wind Chime

Wind chimes are the music of the garden Wind Chimes have been around for thousand and thousand of years and there’s a reason. Some say they bring good luck, some have them for Feng Shui and most, like me, love just listening to them when the wind blows. ๐Ÿ™‚ I found this neglected wind chime […]

American Flag Wreath

This was fun to make. Who doesn’t like wreaths? lol. This was actually my first burlap wreath and I have to say it was surprisingly easy. ๐Ÿ˜€ What you need: Wire wreath 2 different burlap ribbon (one normal and one american flag looking) red, white and blue construction paper battery operated star lights Start by […]

4th of July Stacked Garden Pots

I love being out in my garden. There is something about planting, playing in dirt, the smell of flowers and watering that is just soothing to me. Or maybe it is all the work you put into it to finally see that bud you have been waiting for for so long. I get so giddy. […]

The Land of The Free

Like many other Americans, I love the Fourth of July. I love the colors, the food, the decorations and the fireworks. But most importantly I love the time spent with family. I wanted to make something special for this iconic holiday so I decided to create these painted jars to display proudly. What you need: […]

How to Make a Stencil

I have been asked many times how do I make my signs without a machine? So here it is. Now I have seen many times how people shade one side of paper then flip it over and trace the outline. This method is supposed to transfer the pencil marks to the wood and all you’d […]

You Nailed It Dad!

Does your dad work with his tools all the time? Why not give him something that will make him smile next time he is out there working? Now Dads, I know this is a one way street but don’t try giving your wife a broom with “you sweep me off my feet” marked on it […]

A Daughter’s First Hero

There is something special that a father and a daughter share. Something only the stars can understand. Yet it shines so bright everyone can see it. It is, in my opinion, more than love. My Father has been my world since before I could remember. When he speaks the world stands still. When he laughs […]

We are nuts about you!

We are nuts about you! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have a husband like mine and they have a million nuts and bolts just lying around grab a few and make this adorable picture frame for him for Father’s Day. What you will need: a board of any kind sandpaper or a sanding sponge handful ย of nuts […]